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I've wanted to try a jiu jitsu class for a long time, and I'm really glad Gracie Jiu Jitsu Amsterdam, the first CTC in The Netherlands, has opened its doors in De Pijp. Classes are super fun and informative. Instructor Adrian does a great job making everyone, both new and regular, feel welcome, Safe and engaged. Classes are an hour long, 3 days a week, and are presented in an easy-to-follow and fun format - The Gracie Jiu Jitsu way. Definitely highly recommend giving Gracie Jiu Jitsu Amsterdam and the Gracie Combatives course a try if you're looking to learn something new, meet new people, and have fun while learning how to defend yourself should you ever need it.


Great coach and nice atmosphere!


The best place to train BJJ in Amsterdam.


You’ve come to the right place! The atmosphere here is amazing and Adrian is a very thoughtful and experienced instructor. Classes here suits trainers of all levels! The location is convenient and easy to reach both with public transportation and car. Other perks of training at Gracie is that you get access to extensive instructional footage and the chance of training at other Gracie locations around the world.


I'm so glad the Netherlands finally has a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center! Great instructor and a good facility.


*Professor A* is great instructor with volumes of experience in martial arts. The gym is a very CLEAN, SAFE and FUN environment. Great exercise in self care. An incredible investment in personal self defense with proven tactics that work. Definitely worth your time and energy.


Welcoming, fun and useful!


Great coach, nice friendly atmosphere, safe and perfectfor getting into bjj.


Really great Jiu Jitsu Studio! If you want to learn 2-3 new techniques every class by a great teacher, this studio is for you! Less sparring here, focus is more on getting the techniques and moves right :)


Been thinking about trying BJJ for a long time and after one conversation with Adrian and one class, I was hooked. Really great atmosphere, everyone's watching each other's back and willing to help. Adrian is a really great instructor and always has extra tips for you to help you sharpen your technique. It's also very easy to come by and give it a try so I'd encourage everyone to come by and see for yourself.


Really recommend this gym if you're starting out with brazilian jiu-jitsu and want to practice it with a focus on self-defense. Adrian, our instructor, is amazing, the other students are very helpful and everyone is focused on constantly improving their skills. The Gracie Combatives course is really well structured to teach you how to defend yourself in a real life scenario. Right now the gym is focused around the white belt curriculum, but as more students get experience, the level is going to increase.


Excellent school, beautiful place. Adrian is a great teacher, classes are engaging and fun, people are very open minded to meet and hang out after the class too. Very beginner friendly.


I've been training at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Amsterdam twice per week for a few months now, and every session has been nothing but a pleasure. The people are extremely nice and helpful, and the environment is incredibly supportive. Most noteworthy is however Adrian, the teacher, who is not only an excellent BJJ practitioner but also a great teacher, and an overall really great guy who packs the lessons with humour and informational content.


Great club, great teacher and nice parners !
Very good place for learn Jiu-jitsu !


GJJ Amsterdam: atmosphere, instructor, program, all up to standard. Adrian has found the right balance between challenge and fun. Always a pleasure to train.


I was looking for a BJJ gym with a focus on technique only. I went to another BJJ gym before where i sustained numerous injuries while sparring. Thats why i booked a private class with Adrian, to avoid injuries from inexperienced students while sparring.

Adrian's lessons are top notch. He made sure i was comfortable with the moves being demonstrated, and constantly asked "are you comfortable with me sitting on top of you for this move", "do you have any questions", and overall he really made me feel very welcomed.

He also noticed the smallest details, like my hand being in a bad position before he would roll me into another position, which he corrected for me, sparing me another injury.

The group lessons are of a similar calibre. There is no sparring, and the focus is 100% on self defense and technique. Everyone goes slowly and safely. I heard from another student that there hasnt been an injury in the entire class since he started 8 months ago.

I would very much recommend this gym, especially for beginners as its a very welcoming and safe environment. And the instruction is very experienced and professional.



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