Training Programs Available at Gracie Jiu-JitsuĀ® Amsterdam

Gracie Combatives®

Through our renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system, we'll help you learn powerful, realistic self-defence skills and increase your confidence and awareness. Our Gracie Combatives® program is your source for authentic Jiu-Jitsu training here in Amsterdam.

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Private Training

Get the most out of every session by enrolling in Private Training. We offer one-on-one training sessions by appointment, which will allow you to create a personalized training routine with our instructor. Improve your Jiu-Jitsu skills, sharpen your reflexes, focus on a specific technique... whatever your goals are, we'll help you achieve them.

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Master Cycle®

The Master Cycle® is a systematic curriculum that breaks down all of the advanced techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu® into seven positional chapters.

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